Saturday, May 18, 2013

Social Media and Rock N Roll

I have been a rock n roll fan for all my adult years.  It has been fun meeting rock n roll fans in person.  I make so many friends when I am out and about on the street and at the park or at a concert.  The years have gone by and now I lost touch with them all.  We have gone on to raise families or start businesses or just moved on in our lives.  For whatever reason, the connection was lost over time.  Part of my life was spent being a dad to my sons and it caused me to stay out of the bar nightlife.  I wanted to be a good example to my sons so I wasn't a drunk.  I was home each night after work and when I had some free time I would go online to Pogo and play chess.  I played so much chess that I made some friends on that site.  Then after literally 10 years on that site, I played another game Battleship when it came out.  For the first several months I played that game I made a ton of friends online.  That was cool but I got banned by that site.  That rocked!

After a ten years on Pogo playing games there I stopped.  It wasn't so much because I got banned from that site it was because I was ready to move on, that is why I got sloppy and got banned, I just didn't care.

Now, I don’t chat with those friends and when I pop in using a different profile, I look around and they are all gone or some who remain are playing different games.  The pool of friends dried up and they are dust in the wind.  

Today I am back online on different sites here and there, but in a totally different way.  I decided to open up about my life on profiles, in some ways, that are revealing, but then again I don’t mention the drama that I have had in my real life very much in online chat.  I do mention some things that bother me and appear to be drama but you or anyone else wouldn't know why they bother me so it makes no difference at all.  I should just write about the color blue as a topic so I do not offend anyone but that would be boring.  By offending someone means that I am hitting on a sensitive nerve and they are thin skinned.  But if someone who reads my words here online does not understand what I mean, they wouldn't know it.

Being a rock n roll fan allowed some benefit that other rock fans share.  It is a connection beyond our personalities to a common interest.  I vote for that candidate and someone may vote for the other person but when the music is on, we both vote for rock.  I like that about music.  If anyone wants to tune into my world all they have to do is plug me into high voltage rock n roll.  You will have my full attention.
Now here is the part where I invite you to join me.  This is social media and you are being social by looking at this so be a friend and leave a comment.  Tell me on the comments section your favorite band or better yet your favorite song or style of music.

I will give you some help and ask a question.  Just one question for those who like one word answers. 

Do you rock?

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Show

I was there in Fresno, California at an AC/DC show and the best part besides seeing the band live was taking my then 20 year old son.  So many people saw AC/DC during their last tour and my son was one of them.  I have two sons and one is serving in the military and could not go.  My youngest son was just hanging out having a good time with the girls and I asked if he wanted to see AC/DC with me.  He didn't think twice, he said; hell yeah.  I was missing some cd's so I went to buy a couple new AC/DC cd's for the 3 hour drive from my home town to the show.  I ended up buying 6 of AC/DC that I found.  They are now worn out and ripped to mp3 files but the original cd's were all played along the way.  Then we were at the venue and saw the masses coming in to the area from all directions.  They all looked normal enough, young and old, male and female all walking toward the arena.  It was just getting to be sunset and the darkness was falling on us as we waited in line to have our turn showing a ticket and getting it scanned.  That moment was the final moment between us and AC/DC.  We all knew as our ticket was scanned that we were about to enter a room filled with thousands of voices ready to scream at the top of our lungs for our favorite band to come out and play our favorite songs.  I watched my son move through the crowd not at all feeling out of place, he seemed to feel welcomed and not at all nervous.  It is like when you go to a friends party, everyone else was there for the same reason and it is a comfortable environment.  This event had among other things, one instance that was a funny moment and that was as I was in line outside there was a guy holding a sign with writing that said we all were going to burn in hell.  I got a kick out of that, I'm a christian and I love AC/DC and have not a single feeling of being conflicted at all.  The sign was a way to warn us.  I get it, we are going to burn in hell, okay now lets move on to the music.  Not a shred of guilt passed through my body and rightly so.  For Jesus himself said in the bible quote; it is easier for a sinner to enter the Kingdom of God than a righteous (preacher) man.  I like that a lot.  I'm going in - to Sin City.  The photo is of my son in the car on the way to the show.  He's crazy like his father.  I'm so proud.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The guitar experience

That is the guitar that Angus Young played.  He gave it away to be put in a museum.  I was standing about two feet away from something that Angus Young owned.  Pretty cool.

I need a hobby.  I will start a fan page.

I will post my links to my pages on my profile.  Take a look when you get the chance and follow me on the Highway To Hell.  I'm moving pretty fast so hurry along.  Lets Rock.

AC/DC Fan Page